Moving With the Winds of Change

An Online Continuum Inquiry
Susan Harper
February 2 - February 4, 2024

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An Online Continuum Inquiry
Susan Harper
February 2 - February 4, 2024
“When it comes to the earth, may we find ways to offer praise and blessings, rather than simply write obituaries for the planet. May this be the year for speaking well and blessing, for restoring and re-storying the earth.” ~ Michael Meade

Meeting expected and unexpected change requires flexibility in body and spirit. We deepen inward to hear our root voice. We expand to become immense enough to offer praise, and spacious enough to meet the anguishing challenges and precious opportunities of these tumultuous times. In moving contexts of discovery, we dare to love, dance, grieve, and express as we meet the splendor and ‘terrible beauty’ that the river of life delivers.

We will undergo a symbolic ritual movement journey to shed the skins of cultural hypnosis and fear – to discover our innermost connection to the original animating creative forces that call us into life.

Through Continuum explorations we enliven the fluid dynamics inside our organism, which engages natural fluidity, resilience, and wholeness. We soften what has become frozen–while strengthening and freeing our body/psyche with soft aware touch, subtle wave motion, and primordial breaths and sounds.

This is a time of deepening and expanding. As we move with the winds of change, we find support within and around us for life’s emergent challenges and opportunities.

Limited to 18 participants for in-depth mentoring.

Event Format

On Friday and Saturday we will have two Zoom sessions, on Sunday we will have one session. Susan will guide rituals, meditative and perceptual explorations, and an extended Continuum dive. There will be time for sharing our experiences and ask questions. We will make use of breakout rooms for paired explorations.


Friday and Saturday
Session 1
9:00am-12:30pm Pacific Time / 12:00-3:30pm Eastern Time (
see in your local time here)
Session 2
3:00-5:30pm Pacific Time / 6:00-8:30pm Eastern Time (see in your local time here)

9:00am-1pm Pacific Time / 12:00-4pm Eastern Time (see in your local time here


2.5-Day Workshop Fee: $325 – Group size limited to 18

Cancellation Fee: $75 

How to Apply

Registration for this event is now closed.

To inquire about the waitlist, contact Helene Rein at

How to Take An Online Course

We use Zoom. You’ll need a computer, iPad or iPhone, and a good internet connection

  • Download the latest Zoom app: It is painless, fast, and free.
  • If you have a computer, choose that over the iPad or iPhone, not only will the sound be better but also you can interact more and see more of others.
  • For better sound quality, connect to an external speaker.

How do I join online?
You will receive a confirmation email after you pay for the retreat. The Zoom information will be emailed to you closer in time to the retreat. Please do not share this link and Zoom information with anyone else since we want to ensure that the people who are registering for the class will be able to attend.

About the Teachers


SUSAN HARPER, MSME/T, opens portals of exploratory consciousness. She has the ability to transmit experiences of primal and spiritual fluidity. She inspires participation resulting in embodied innovative discoveries. She teaches internationally and has been contributing to the evolution of Continuum since 1975. She is the developer of Living Dreams, Body of Relating and Perception Trainings. She is a founding member of the Continuum Teacher’s Association.

Susan's Longer Bio: Click Here