Continuum Mystery Depths In-Person Retreat

In Chapel Hill, NC
Susan Harper
Rebecca Lawson
November 2 - November 8, 2023

2023-11 Continuum Mystery Depths In-Person Retreat – Registration

In Chapel Hill, NC
Susan Harper
Rebecca Lawson
November 2 - November 8, 2023
Michael Meade says, “When our world turns dark and seems about to fall apart it is part of the mystery of life that the human soul can awaken, grow greater, and reveal inner gifts.”

In challenging times like these, we need inquiry to go beyond the familiar, to dissolve spells of conditioning and follow the wise longing of our soul. Through initiatory rituals, we make a soulful descent into the fertile dark, where we can transmute loss and despair. Wholeness reveals ways of healing brokenness; new realities emerge.

A Continuum Mystery Depths offers a place of refuge and potent communion. Enter the sacred gateway of the body in primordial sounding and fluid movement. Listen in heartful Awareness and “feel” the generative mystery all around and inside. We are nourished in the breathing of the world, in the primal pulse of the living cosmos, and in vast Stillness.

This retreat includes a “soul quest” time where we are in collective silence for 2 days – where we explore alone and together. The non-local field of awareness is potent when we dive together and immerse in a palpable sense of timelessness and sacredness. Included are transformative elemental rituals that can be done indoors and outside in nature.

Event Format

Through inspirational principles and experiential instructions, Susan or Rebecca will guide meditative and perceptual explorations and offer extended Continuum dives. There will be time for questions and answers and for sharing our experiences.

Limited to 20 participants, Continuum experience a must.


We request the following:
1. Take a home Covid-19 test (with negative results) each day for 2 days before the group begins.
2. During the workshop, take a test each morning before coming to the group
3. If I test positive I will not come.
~ Purchase a total of 9 tests; 2 for before the workshop plus 7 (one for each day of the workshop) ~
For free tests:

Further precautions to avoid spreading any flu or colds:
• Wear a mask while shopping indoors
• Increase your time in hand washing and sanitizing



7-Day Retreat Fee: $895

Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $150 – We will send an invoice with the remaining balance by September 21, 2023.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All payments non-refundable after September 21, 2023 unless we can fill your place. Non-refundable registration fee still applies.



Private room: $550, Couch in balcony: $300

There are only 5 bedrooms at the Rigmor. In the balcony there is room for 4 people to camp. There is no staff at the Rigmor. There is a large kitchen that is shared by those who stay at the Rigmor House as well as those who commute. Each person is responsible for buying and cooking their meals as well as cleaning up. The Rigmor House is located about 10 miles from the nearest grocery stores and restaurants. Another great option is to stay at Airbnbs in the Chapel Hill area.

To reserve a room or space on the balcony contact Rebecca at:
919 932-7548

Once a room is reserved and confirmed then send a check for housing to:
Rebecca Lawson
912 Damascus Church Road,
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

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Payment methods are PayPal or Debit/Credit card.

If you don’t already have a PayPal account:
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For different payment options (like Zelle or sending a check),
do not fill out the form, instead email Helene Rein.

Registration closes on 10/15/2023.

Questions? Contact Helene Rein at

Continuum Mystery Depths Retreat Registration


We have filled all the available openings for this event, please fill out this application to be added to the wait list. Email Helene at with any questions.

About the Teachers


SUSAN HARPER opens portals of exploratory consciousness. She has the ability to transmit experiences of primal and spiritual fluidity. She inspires participation resulting in embodied innovative discoveries. She teaches internationally and has been contributing to the evolution Continuum since 1975. She is the developer of Living Dreams, Body of Relating and Perception Trainings.

Susan's Longer Bio: Click Here

REBECCA LAWSON is a Continuum Teacher and Dance Movement therapist. She teaches regular online Continuum classes, and mentors current and future Continuum teachers.

Rebecca's Longer Bio: Click Here